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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Floral design inspiration- creating large floral centerpieces

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Every year I would with a small team of fantastic folks on a fund raiser for scholarship money for a local student to attend my Alma Mater- University of Montevallo's fantastic art program.

floral arrangement using Peacock  feather and orchids for a Centerpiece
Every year, I do the floral centerpieces... usually on the fly from whatever lovelies I find at the local wholesale florist.

purple floral decoration with gold twigs
This year is different. This year I am actually looking for inspiration for the flowers. I need it to be a big centerpiece, a purple and gold floral display, and preferably remarkable in floral style. That last one not always met, but striven for.

purple and yellow floral arrangement with yucca and cabbages
Here is some of my Pinterest pinspirations for the floral centerpieces... and some non- floral centerpieces.

Lanterns and Paper Pom Poms overhead party centerpeice
So this last one is not my color scheme, but it is a punny version of my theme (Shades of Purple and Gold, in stead of shades of color, I could do "lampshades" of purple and gold.) I can totally see this idea of purple and gold lanterns hanging over the food tables... and it would be reuseable, which is always a consideration when raising money for a state university!

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