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Friday, July 18, 2014

my Roseville Jardinere- piece by peice

Pottery collecting ain't what it used to be. Back in the day (early 1990's) when the money was still flowing from the 1980's stock market, people collected pottery Roseville, Hull, Hall, Occupied Japan, Flow Blue, Weller, McCoy, etc. However, these days people are not amassing large collections and these items are going for a song! It will come back. If you love it, buy it now and don't wait until it's in vogue again. If you wait, you will be adding at least a zero behind any price you see now- possibly more.

Then again, I started buying stock in 2010 when it went... uhhh... on sale, shall we say. So my purchasing logic and level for risk might be different than others.

Last week, I found this lovely piece of Roseville. It is called a jardiniere (read as a planter or cachepot) and sometimes comes with a base. My find didn't have a base, but I would have liked to have one.

Imagine my surprise when I found a base at an antique store turned upside down as a vase. I recognized the glaze pattern immediately. I have married the two, even though it is not optimal in the antique business. But what a pair!

Will I be collecting Roseville? Probably not, however, this is my second large pottery piece from the early quarter of the last century! And, I have learned a great deal from researching the base. The bases come marked and unmarked (unmarked is older), some are glazed on the inside, some not, some are completely hollow, some have a solid top, like mine. Right now, I will just think it is pretty and I hope the next owner thinks so too! It will be going off to Hanna's next month, after a good clean-up! I am adding my mid-century items to the booth at Hanna Antiques in August. We will see if Birmingham is ready for this national trend!

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