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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Enamel on silver plate- Reed and Barton serving ware

I have found my second Reed and Barton enameled silver plate serving piece. I love the Mid Century Modern style from the 1960's! It just glows.
Vintage cobalt blue enamel on silver plate from Reed and Barton. 1960s. Mid Century Modern
Cobalt Enamel bowl Reed and Barton Special PD24 on Etsy
The piece below sold about a month ago... but was a handsome devil!

These pieces are lovely with the glowing enamel over the silver plate and were only made during the 1960's. I have never seen a bowl like the top image with the band of silver around the rim of the bowl, usually the enamel comes right to the edge without a lip to the piece. Perhaps that is why it is marked "special" on the bottom!

If you are interested in purchasing the bowl at the top, please click on the link below the image to take you to my Etsy vintage store!

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