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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New Client meetings- what to expect

I love new client meeting day! It is an opportunity to help someone realize their dream space while creating a space that is healthy mentally and physically- that's what good design theory in practice can provide.

I like to start by hearing what the client needs and a tour of the space while observing how the space currently works or could work. I think about the future needs of the space (growing children or grandchildren, new babies, aging in place, etc) and the health of the space, including current air quality and gassing off of materials added to the space, noise mitigation, views, etc. Making a lot of notes, I start asking questions about use, ranking of wants and needs, timelines, and potential options for the space. I also find out the budget.

Then, I work through a "test" of the new clients tolerances for colors, patterns, and style, by having them pick though fabric samples to see what they like and dislike. This is especially important for new clients that I do not know well, or have never met. Without a grasp of the person's ideas of good and bad, I could present a space to them on the follow-up meeting that is completely wrong and then have to do it all again. I hate to spend the clients budget on my hours and not on making a great space.

Lastly, I go back to the wants and needs and give the client a loose idea of what I am thinking for the space, the general time line and any budgetary concerns. Then, we set a follow-up meeting time and I am off to pull fabrics, furniture ideas, and make space plans. I love the potential of new client meeting day!

If you are interested in setting up a new client meeting with me and starting on the path of your best space, please contact me! I am happy to do remote meeting and online meeting and projects as well as local!

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