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Friday, May 23, 2014

Estate Sales- The craziest house yet!

I go to a lot of older houses by going to estate sales. Some are incredible, some marginal, some just plain crazy. Yesterday's house was crazy. I was not the only person keeping down a chuckle at the total oddity of the place. Obviously, the owners were wild about an Asian influence in the 1960's, when the house as built. The property has a pagoda gazebo, and a matching red bridge over a water folly. One of the five bathrooms, besides the foil wallpaper with bamboo, had outlines of Chinese buildings on the back wall. There is even a goldfish lever on the toilet. The really outstanding part of the house is the indoor pool and water features with the very incongruous child's coloring book like stain glass of animals from Africa. The front door has the same coloring book look at the stain glass image of geisha girls.

These are some of the detail in the house
You may ask if I bought anything after taking so many pictures. I did, two brass figures and a luggage stand. In all the ostentation of a 1960's "new money" look, there was actually very little there. This house hasn't been touched, design-wise, since it was built in 1963. I wanted to find some fantastic Mid Century jewels or really good Asian pieces there, but either the family took it all, or they never had it. Left was strange things like a standing popcorn popper that still had a lot of popped corn in it. It was like the people just walked out.  A little disconcerting, actually.

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