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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Trees- It's dogwood season

The dogwood tree is the stuff of legends. It is supposedly the tree used as the cross to crucify Jesus, though they are not native to the Middle East. In the Native American culture, it is a symbol of good luck for the Quileute and Makah ( Yes, the "Twilight" tribes), as well as a historic food source for many tribes. For some, it indicates when to plant corn, for others, it indicates the start of spring and the Easter season.

I am a passive gardener, in reality. So, if a plant volunteers in a spot that seems good, I leave it. If it survives my neglectful gardening, all the better. This volunteer dogwood has been growing in a garden bed for a few years. It is the "under story" tree to a volunteer oak tree. This is the first year the dogwood has really bloomed and it out did itself! The blooms are about 3 inches across and plentiful. So, maybe it is good luck, maybe it is time to plant corn, but this showy shorty is a winner with me! 

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