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Monday, April 21, 2014

Earth Day Celebration- City of Hoover Hazardous Waste Day

Sorted hazardous waste
A bin of paint cans

I am proud of my city for many reasons, mostly for their attention to the environment! I love that you can take your cooking oil to the fire stations so that it can be recycled into bio-diesel for the city's vehicles. I love that they provide generous recycle cans that reduce my garbage day needs to once a week, though two are offered. And most of all, I love that they provide a Hazardous Waste Day for the residence! It usually falls on the Saturday after Earth Day. 
It is so well organized and takes about 10 minutes! I keep a "hazardous waste day" box in the garage for old battery, florescent light bulbs, and other things to small to really keep up with.  Then on Saturday, I pack the trunk and head over.
So, City of Hoover, AL, I salute you for your commitment to the environment with logical steps that saves the city money, provides disposal from paints to old medicines, and protects the water ways!
All lined up and ready to deposit!

The Details:
Household Hazardous Waste Day
Saturday - April 26, 2014
Hoover Metropolitan Stadium

100 Ben Chapman Dr
Hoover, AL   34244

The City of Hoover will hold our annual Household Hazardous Waste Day event on Saturday, April 26th. This is always such a great way for the residents of Hoover to safely dispose of household chemicals, pesticides, paints, batteries, automobile fluids, electronics, medications, guns, ammo and other hazardous items.

Additional Information:
Verification of residency required (Valid driver license, current photo id with address)
No businesses allowed

Household Hazardous Waste Day


Automotive Fluids (motor oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, gas and/or mixed gas)
Batteries (automotive & alkaline)
Household Cleaners

Fluorescent Tubes/Light Bulbs
Oil & Latex Paint, Aerosol Paint, Paint Thinners/Paint Strippers/Paint Removers 
Pesticides, Herbicides, Fertilizer
Wood Preservative
Wall Paper Remover
Grease and Rust Solvents
Standard Vehicle Tires (No commercial or heavy equipment tires will be accepted) Preservatives
Lighter Fluid
Moth Balls
Insect Repellent 
Waste Cooking Oil
See list of items that will be accepted by Hoover Police which will include Prescription/Non-Prescription Medications, Ammunition and Guns.

Checking for proof of Hoover residency.

All images are from the City of Hoover website. Find more information about Hazardous Waste Day here and see the rest of their images for the event.

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