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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The early week's scores- shopping for tables

As you know from my previous shopping post, I scored on some lighting from a local company that is moving to a new site.

Well... I kept thinking about the tables that I saw at the sale...

and how pretty they were...

 and how there might be still some left at the end of the sale.

So, I went back yesterday and grabbed this handsome table at the left.

Then there were these pretty gold tables with antique mirror tops. Grabbed a pair!

Occasional Tables Furniture

And, I thought, "while I am here..." my famous last words as they always cost me money! I picked up a lamp and a sisal rug.

Dawson Lamp

All I need now is the perfect space, or spaces, for all this great shopping! If you need a space redesigned, or one of these pieces, contact me!

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