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Saturday, April 5, 2014

This weekend's scores- shopping lamps and lighting

This weekend's shopping started on Friday... well, really Wednesday, but I spent more on Friday. So, maybe this really it's weekend shopping, but my shopping week. Either way, I scored.

A national furniture brand is based locally, and is moving locations. So, they had a stock reduction sale open to the public, the door opening coincided with a down pour that spawned tornadoes in other parts of the South.

I let the crazies- who stood in the down pour- clear out before I go there.

People arrived at 7:30!

I strolled in at 11:00-ish in a drizzle and still racked up.

This tall drink of water to my left, mine.

This good looking swinger, mine. Though it needs new candle sleeves and covers.

This Lucite based gliver guy, mine... twice. They just need shades.

This vintage look, broad shouldered fella, mine. I'm thinking flicker bulbs.

If you would like any of these for yourself, please contact me! Though I love them all, I will be adding shades, and fixing flaws in order to sell them. If you are in the Over the Mountain area of Birmingham, I can probably deliver!

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