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Friday, March 28, 2014

Humidity woes. My new passive humidifer

Though I live in a region known for it's humidity, it is Static City in the Winter. And, I have begun to suspect that my dog need more humidity in the winter, like I do. Though thankfully, my aversion to dry air does not manifest as tummy troubles, as his does. 
So, when my 3 month old humidifier stopped working this week. I was in trouble, and needed a better fix that constantly boiling water on the stove. So, I put my thinking cap on and figured out a passive humidifier. One that is easy, most people have everything you need, and takes very little to maintain. 

It is the Air Vent Passive Humidifer... or there might be a better name.

You will need:
a rack of some sort, I choose a metal file sorter.
an absorbent fabric, I choose a linen napkin.

Thoroughly wet your fabric napkin and wring it out to prevent dripping. 

Place the metal file sorter, or your chosen rack over the heat vents in your home.

Place the fabric over the metal file sorter and walk away. That's it! Check it in a couple of hours to see if you need to re-wet. It does not look classy, but it works, at least until the new one arrives.

~: TIPS :~
Wool can hold about 30% of it's weight in water, so if you need to get away with longer than 2 hours, try using wool.

Drying your linens in the home, not in the dryer, is a great option for adding humidity into the home. And, it will save electricity. Towels, sheets, and tablecloths can hang on a clothes drying rack and quickly add humidity to a space. For faster results, place the rack over a heat vent or near the radiator.

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