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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bar ware- Southern Comfort glasses

Though I am not a drinker, I love bar ware. The local sales recently have offered some fantastic pieces.

An estate of a spirits distributor, offered the most fantastic collection of glasses and promotional items. Then there was the ball room dancer with the awesome swizzle stick collection. She must have danced all over our hemisphere!

I have even found some fantastic decanters that I cannot decide to sell or stock lemonade, sweet tea and mint tea in the fridge all just a pump away... oh yea, the liquid pumps out. So cool.

These Southern Comfort glasses are completely awesome. They speak of the lazy South... a South I have never actually known, though I have lived here all my life... but I digress.

A South filled with people riding on paddle wheel boats, in cotton voile dresses and seersucker suits sipping drinks that are pronounced with an -ah somewhere in the word, like Side Caah, Burrr-bahn Sou-ah, or Kentucky Cool-ah.

I love the gold and turquoise colors, the line drawings mixed with squares of colors and the mix of sizes! I was excited that as soon as I started listing them on Etsy, they started selling.

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