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Monday, October 28, 2013

Library candles now available at Interiors and Antiques in Vestavia

 I am very excited to carry a new line of candles in my booth space at Interiors and Antiques in Vestavia Hills! I smelled these in a friends shop about a year ago and remembered then when my sister suggested a line of candles.

 They are lovely to look at, great for small gifts, perfect for book club and hostess gifts.

Best of all the full size candles come in a box and the travel size is perfect for sampling all the scents. They would be perfect for under the tree and you can stock up on the travel size- which is actually a nice sized two wick tin of candle- for the gift shelf. My gift shelf is called the prize closet, because everything on that closet is a winner and something fun to share. Candles make a great gift for all the reasons people like candles, but also for the reason that you can give them year after year and not have to remember what you purchased for someone so as to not duplicate. With candles, they will have used it up but the time the holidays roll around next year!

I'd tell you my favorite... but they are all fantastic.

By the way, check out that nice barrister bookcase! It's is vintage from grandmother's basement. It did break my heart a little to pain quarter sawn 100 year old oak... but the interior of the shelves needed some light. In the end, I will be glad I have added the white paint.

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