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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Furniture flips- the computer armoire

I am super excited about the 1920's armoire I scored this weekend! It is in rough condition with a giant hole in the back and some junky "half a job", as my mom would say, shelves. So, it is perfect for a real revamp.

The previous incarnation was to house a TV. As it enters it's centenarian years, it is moving into the 21st century as a computer armoire. It is the perfect size for a small home office. The redesign will include a new back with holes cut for power cords, a writing surface as well as a pull out drawer for a keyboard or a laptop, some LED lighting in the "ceiling" of the cabinet, and maybe a cubby or a slide out spot for the printer.

The piece has great bones, now it just needs an ergonomic redesign and some paint!
Here's the homely lass now...

Got any paint color suggestions?

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