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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dorm Decor week- hyper-local accessorizing for college

This week, I will be focusing on Dorm D├ęcor. It is that time of year, and decorating a dorm room is a young person's first steps for learning their own mind, make a creative decision, and forming a personal design aesthetic. It's an exciting time for a young person and for their parents watching them grow!

First of the series will be about shopping hyper-local and choosing items that can establishing a personal aesthetics and can encourage design choices. Below are fantastic ideas and items that can be found at Interior and Antiques Market in Vestavia Hills- in the old Ethan Allen building on Highway 31.

Bookends are the perfect desk accessory for dorm, desk, or first apartment!

Buddha's calming effect will be appreciated come mid-terms and finals week!

When the princess goes away to college, she will need a crown to take her place on the throne at university

Giant metal initials are perfect for dorms! What a great gift for your new roommate.

Never let them forget that they are your sunshine!
... for the aspiring writer.

Everyone needs a lamp, why not make it fabulous.

Just a hint to hang up those clothes.

Love notes, pictures, cards, reminders, need a place to stay- keep reminders the cool way!

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