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Monday, April 8, 2013

The furniture flipper- beautiful grey dining room chairs

I found these great chairs on a local facebook "trading" page. I love looking on there to see what's interesting and what people are interested in. So, set of four chairs circa 1910's, good bones, solid chairs, honey oak finish.

So the flipping commenced!

First off, I removed the seat cushions for re-upholstering. Then inspected the chair for damages. I was told that there was so veneer "lifting" and there was, but just on one chair. 

After gluing the veneer back and filling voids with wood putty and clean the chairs, I add the first coat of paint. I decided to go with a classic mid-tone grey. These chairs are on the formal side, so I didn't want to go too far with the paint colors. And as these chairs are not for a client, I need to look mainstream for my color selection to appeal to a broader market.

My paint of choice is Benjamin Moore Aura paint. It is low-VOC, paint and primer in one, and thick! My color of choice was- Baltic Grey. I did do two coats, because I needed really durable coverage.

Step three was the glaze finish and admittedly where this whole paint color idea began. I found this champagne metallic paint ( Modern Masters Metallic Paint) when looking for paint swatches... and the wheels started to turn. "How delicious would this look over grey on those chairs," I thought. But I wanted a striated effect, not a flash of opaque champagne. So, I cut the metallic paint with glaze in a 1 to 5 ratio, respectively.

Lastly the fabric. And I went with my second choice. I love this taupe and aqua animal print, but the taupe looked too yellow with the gray. Second choice is a Greek key type lattice pattern in sage grey, ivory and taupe. The finished pieces are a pretty grey with a light pearly look from a distance and a stria of champagne up close. It's an updated chair with a nod to the past. Fantastic!

Have you created some great painted projects? Wanna share?

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