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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Downton Abbey influences in home design

I love predicting trends. I always have, it's a hobby of my sister and I... that and speaking French to each other. We are not very good at French, so it is best that we only speak French to each other. But design trends, we are excellent at predicting.

If you are missing Downton as I am, here's your fix. My top 3 design trends from Downton that I have watched emerge and are still coming into mainstream design. The wallpaper trend is in high design world and is trickling down into mainstream home designs. The rich colors from Sherwin-Williams are chosen from as palette I recently saw presented at a seminar for interior designers. Lastly, the rugs, which are always in still , offer a fresh look when viewed through the lens of Downton!

Graham and Brown Damask wallpapers found HERE.

New colors from Sherman-Williams.

3. Traditional rugs.

Image source- Nazmiyal

                                                                        Ralph Lauren Vintage inspired area rug

Pretty and light rug from David E Adler

What design trends are you seeing from Downton Abbey?

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