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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pink Anodized Aluminium for the home

Using vintage items is a great way to recycle that doesn't involve taking anything to the curb!

I love finding cool things that can bring character and personality to a space. Here are a great collection on pink anodized aluminium  from Etsy. Please click on the names of the items to purchase any of these items!
Vintage Housewares -  1950s Home Decor - Vintage Kitchenware
Sweet cream and sugar from Pink Neon Vintage
This is such a sweet set in great condition andwould making having tea more fun!

Vintage Pink Anodized Aluminum Tray Serving Counter
Pink vintage tray, 16 inches from Better Vintage.

I could see this on a wall as part of a collection, in a little girl's room as part of her dresser/ perfume tray. And at 16 inches, this tray would be a nice side of a kitchen table centerpiece for a 1950's kitchen.

1950's Canister Set   PRODUCT OF USA
Set of four canisters from Vintage Cellar Door
These remind me of my grandmother. She has a set that looked hammered with wood acorns on the tops. It brings back good memories of baking cookies and pies!

Save 15% in Feb. code: HEARTS - Vintage Kromex anodized aluminum spice rack set pink
Set of spices canisters from Baby Cat Vintage Crafts
I am facinated by the spices that the makers through were som important they added the names to the containers. It probably speaks of the time of the exoticness of spices in the foods of the 50's.

Anodised Aluminium Saucepan with Pink Lid
Sweet little saucepan with a pink lid from Hobart Collectables.

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  1. Since the process of anodizing aluminium is one that is often used as a high quality way of finishing and coloring the metal, it is often used in making of kitchen utensils. It is also beneficial because of its anti-corrosive qualities. By the way, great blog!!


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