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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chocolate and Turquoise revisted- Etsy shopping

My chocolate and turquoise post was one of my most popular in the last few months. So, I thought I would revisit the color combo with new Etsy shopping items!

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Clockwise from the top:
Fern pillow ($16.99 +SH), Hand painted platter ($145.00 +SH), Flower pillow ($34.99 +SH), Woven basket ($58.00 +SH), Hand turned wood vessel ($195.00 +SH), Alligator embossed leather ($5.99 +SH), Mosaic mirror ($200 +SH), Vintage sugar bowl ($12.95 +SH)

The alligator leather would be great added to a picture frame, the base of a tray, or to re-line a wood box!

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