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Friday, April 20, 2012

Hot colors with big impact- Saffron Concrete

In my Etsy supply store, one of my hottest color combinations of fibers I called Saffron Concrete. Saffron was the hot yellow name and concrete is a very descriptive grey. So, yellow and grey. It can be a sophisticated color palette or a dramatic color palette. It's great in clothing, as well as home design. Here are some great small items that can make a big impact-  I am calling today, Saffron Concrete!

You can click on any of the lighter grey text to take you to the item pictured.

Yellow and Grey Bobbies
Jenn P on Etsy is the creator of these sweet bobby pins. The dark grey and the soft buttery yellow are a great way to express this color combination!

Yellow, Grey White Frames Set of 6 - Upcycled Frames Modern  Bedroom Decor
I have always loved these collections of frame that are refreshed with a new coat of paint.I would like to see them mounted on the wall of the stacked methods they are presented! This set comes to us from BeautiSHE.
Glass Soap Dish Yellow and Gray
Cool grey and yellow glass soap dish from bprdesigns. Sometimes it is the little things to enhance a space. This is a definite modern enhancement!

Gray and Yellow Abstract Circle Tile Switchplate Light Switch Plate Cover Modern Home Decor 382
Another small thing that can enhance your space in a big way! What a cute customizable switch plate from ModernSwitch!
These fun knobs are some of my designs! Since I sold a set to a repeat customer, I thought I would add them to the group!

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  1. love this color combination! thanks for including my soap dish!


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