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Monday, January 9, 2012

pinterest and the kitchen

I am newly discovering pinterest. As a visual person, I find it a great way to create cohesive imagery and make new observations. For me it has the elements of Dumbledore's pensive, I can add images that I find anywhere and look at the all together to find the pattern, trend or commonality.

Pinned Image
Additionally, I am interested in statistical nature of the medium. What to know if other people like something, just pin and wait to see how much it gets re-pinned! To the left is an image from that I pinned for a work project. We were looking at a variety of white kitchens with dark countertops. This image, out of 12 images on the board received twice as many pins as most others. Not that it is not a nice kitchen, but what about this image is so pin-able? The flooring, the green door, the view outside, the homy-ness of the dark wood, maybe the chandalier? I'm still deciding... your thoughts?

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