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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tip Day- Buying art at an outdoor art show

Though some artists in larger cities might look down upon artists that show at outdoor shows. In the South, it is quite common for our gallery artists to also be at outdoor shows. Often times, their prices are better outside of their gallery cities.

So, some tips on buying outdoors:

1. know what you need-
take measurements for all the walls you will be buying art for. And, make notes of
any locations you might like 3-D pieces.

2. set a budget-
though you cannot know exactly what you will spend for each spot, set a hierarchy
for what spots are more important and spend accordingly.

3. buy only what you love-
Don't settle for less... in anything! Just because you would like to fill a certain spot,
do not buy for it until you buy the perfect piece. You will have buyer's remorse and
think about the hasty purchase every time you pass the piece.

4. buy for others-
Keep a list with you of the people you still need to buy for for Birthday's or the
holidays. Make notes on the list as you buy for people, so you will not forget what
you have already purchased. And, consult the list before you set out for the art
show, you never know how much gift giving you could find there!

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