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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Professional practice and the interior designer

This spring, I will be teaching professional practice at the University of Alabama and I have given considerable thought to what my undergrad pro practice class was like and how the industry has changed. We are still needing a resume and a portfolio, but with the bloom of all types of social media, we have to look at how social media affects or reflects our professionalism. So, how are we presenting ourselves?

Orchid in the corner of the diningroom
This is the type of images that I should be publishing- Sophisticated plant in a stylish cachepot, on an antique table, with the fashionable paint color in the background.

I have thought about my social media presence and how I use it. As well as, who I like to see on social media and what I like to see of them. 

I am, perhaps, a little too obsessed with sunsets and silhouettes for Instagram. 

Mainly, I am use Instagram because it populates Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. It's my passive, not to mention free, method of populating multiple channels at one time, but is that really the best way to promote myself and my work.

Then there are the "look, I just bought flowers" instagram posts.

In this new year and it a time of change, perhaps it is time that we evaluate how we present ourselves to the world on social media. Though there is nothing wrong with flowers and sunsets, it is a crutch, not a feature. Business resolution should be to present my business with what I expect of others and not what is expedient.

P.S. The roses from Costco were purchased 10 days and still look good!

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