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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Review: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

For starters, I'l like to thank Influenster and Sally Hansen for sending me this product, complimentary, for review!

If you enjoy testing products, you can join Influenster, too. Head over to to join. If you are interested in purchasing Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, then just head to your local retailer- drugstore, grocery store, beauty store.

I found it in the Sally Hansen section, but it might be with the tanning type products.

With the housekeeping over... Let's talk about the product. This is considered leg makeup, not a self tanner. So, no self tanner smell, actually no smell at all- even when it warms up (unlike self tanners). This is a HUGE plus! Unlike self tanners, this washes off when you bathe, though it is water resistant- according to the packaging. In other words, you need soap to get it off.

Like make-up for your face, this adds some color and lightly blends out flaws. It will not cover a birthmark, nor completely cover spider veins. See video. However, this is not designed to obscure every flaw so you can have a close-up on your legs broadcast on and HDTV. It's designed to blend flaws seen from at least a few feet away.

Once applied, it does not wipe off. So, kiddies who hug your knees will not wipe it off. Overall, I would give this a thumbs up. It does hide flaws, it does offer some color to pale skin and it does not smell! Here is my before and after on the spider veins with the Airbrush Legs. I apologize for exposing you to my spider veins! By the way, when I told my sister about bring picked for the voxbox, she said she loved this product. So, it is sister approved, too.



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