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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Going back to school- the new girl behind the teacher's desk

The school year, for the local colleges, starts this week and this year I will begin on the path of a long term goal, heading back into the class room as an instructor. Adjunct today, hopefully a permanent position in the future!

I am very excited at the opportunities to work at both University of Alabama, teaching AutoCAD, and Samford University co-teaching design and graphic fundamentals for interior design.

I foresee many of stretch goals in the near future, but I also foresee the camaraderie I so miss from working on a team!

Lastly, I foresee a different way of eating! On two days a week, I have 10 minutes for lunch. Two other days, I am teaching during my normal dinner... them driving an hour back home.  I decided on soups for lunch because drinking your lunch seems easy and time- effective, and I have these fab Klean Kanteens that will hold hot soups. The challenge will be getting an endless variety of soups that I like without making the same kinds every other week. So, I will be posting my journey of soups on my other blog, Sweet Home Flavors. Please click on the blog title to see my journey!

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