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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fear the kefir? never again!

Fermented milk drink sounds dubious, like opening a bottle of milk and asking someone to "smell this and see if it's still good."

So, when my sister and I decided to try some of these "new" fermented drinks, fermented milk sounded this the best and the worst option. It took me a week, after this decision to buy a bottle. Then a few more days to actually crack open the bottle!

Delicious Strawberry Banana Kefir Smoothie
Strawberry Banana Kefir smoothie

Little did I know that it should be described as yogurt thinned with milk. I think it even has the same benefits as yogurt. So, want to give the texture a taste test before buying the bottle? Buy some honey yogurt, then add it to a nearly full glass of milk and stir.

Personally, I like it thinner than what's in the bottle. And, I think it would be great as the liquid in the smoothie above! I leave reading the blogs associateed with the Cultures for Health website. HERE you can find more info on how to make kefir at home!

So, Fear the kefir no more! Or just eat yogurt.

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