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Monday, September 8, 2014

Keurig 2.0- a review and cost analysis

Influenster voxbox keurig
I received a free Keurig 2.0 to review from Influenster- to my surprise! I am thrilled at the opportunity to try the new one. I was an early adopter when they first came out, as was my sister. We discovered that after about 8-12 months it started acting up and she discovered that you could "do a Fonzie" and hit the top with your fist and it would behave, much like the juke box on Happy Days- hence the name.

 However, that was annoying, unsatisfying and eventually stopped working as well. Back to the Mr Coffee, and other various coffee apparatus.

Then I took and Influenster survey, and they deemed me worthy of a coffee maker! I told anyone who would listen that I was getting a free coffeemaker until it finally arrived... and maybe even afterward. I was excited.

I was super excited about the carafe part. Brewing individual coffees for everyone at Christmas was troublesome, so the Carafe-Cups solves the problem of many drinks. 

I really like that the Carafe Cup is recyclable. You can peel the foil top off and the filter pack is connected. Filter pack to the garbage, plastic cup to the recycle bin!

coffee brewing from new Keurig single cup brewer

Then there are the little detail of good design, like the water reservoir has an access door in the front of the machine and the version I have has an 80 ounce reservoir! Which I have used for instant hot water to making tea.  (I really don't see myself using the tea k-cups, but they may be great for others)

brewing coffee in new keurig

I started wondering, after I purchased a giant box of k-cups from Costco, if I am spending a lot more money in coffee than with a traditional coffee maker. So, I sat down and did a little math with the help of  a post from cockeyed for the estimates of how many cups of coffee are in a pound of coffee. 

I typically brew 6 cups of coffee a day and like to use Gevalia coffee- which is about $8 per 12 oz. bag. That comes to 73.6 cents a pot and my K-cup is about 33 cents per cup. So the K-cups are a little cheaper, since I get about 2 servings per pot. I would feel comfortable paying up to 40 cents a k-cup, after doing this math.

I would completely recommend this brewing system, and not because I got a free one. Having had one before, I can see the improvements and look forward to the new K-cup ideas in the works. 
I am super excited about the Keurig and Campbell's future products! They are working on a Chicken noodle soup version! The broth would be in the K-cup and it would have a packet of noodles. I would be happy with broth k-cups sans noodles! Here's a look...
Campbells & Keurig - Fresh-brewed Soup!

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