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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Halloween Store display ideas- fall edition

I have been out of commission for about a week with the flu. Between sleeping and drinking chicken broth, I have cruised Pinterest for ideas for my Halloween display at Hanna Antiques. Here are some of my faves.
Darla Jackson
Gothic Halloween Raven Silhouette Sugar Cookie How-To
I've got mirrors that look like these cookies and with be great with Raven heads on them. image from HERE.

Black teapot halloween
This cute images comes from my friend, Nancy Heard. I have some tarnished tea pots and pumpkin candle holders that would look great styled like this!
Zombie Baby Grandma Ghost out of Frame Horror Doll Halloween Haunted Prop
I love the ghost in the mirror idea, this might be too much, but it is something to ponder. found HERE.

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