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Monday, September 15, 2014

Antiquing in the ATL- 24 hours in Atlanta, shopping and sampling

This weekend was the monthly antique extravaganza called Scott's Antique Market, or just Scott's in the antique and design circles.

 It is everything from new handmade furniture to 17th century furniture, new clothes from old doilies to old furs, thoughtfully curated booths of antiques, to piled tables of treasures and stuff.

Possibly treasure filled, piled up tables... or it could just be a pile.

Lovely beach-y or lake-ish booth!

loads of great mirrors and painting inviting you to dig through them.

I resisted the siren song of bead tables... it was hard. And found some amazing tables.

brass and marble end tables
Pair of brass and marble tables made from antique fire screens- would be great with a low armed sofa! 

handmade iron and stone table
Handmade rusty patina iron with a stone top- one of a kind at it's best!

handmade iron table base
This guy is just waiting for the right top! It could be stone or barn wood! Great as a console or bar!

antique writing desk
This is more of a desk, but with the top down, it would be a lovely table and it was a steal! Too bad the car was full.

mid century chrome end tables
Lovely Bernhardt chrome end tables. I would tale out the inside glass shelf and add a dog bed! 

iron fence table
I love this little table! I think it is made from some New Orleans corn iron fencing.

steampunk table
Real Steampunk! This old table was originally used for laundry and had a crank for adjusting the height!

seward trunks
Not technically a table, but I love stacked trunks and suitcases as a storage table!

After 5 hours of walking Scott's I headed for Food Truck Friday in Duluth, GA, North of Atlanta. There was some great options, but I wanted to sit down to eat. So my sister and I went to her face Caribbean/ Cuban restaurant, Armando's, for Picadillo and Carnitas.

Then to Food Truck Friday for Dessert. I had a creole praline and my sister decided to walk to Crave pies for a larger selection of pies!

My last photo of the night was the cute window display of the store next door.

Makes you want to go to a party in a tutu!

Next day was using my Scott's finds to style the kitchen I just finished in Atlanta... but that another post! Here's a preview!

mid century glass bottles

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