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Friday, May 2, 2014

Make your our Summer School- MIT's open course ware

Computer rendering of light levels on a building.
Light levels on MIT's Compton Laboratories. (Image courtesy of
 Ruchi Jain, Gordana Jakimovska, and Ed Rice.)

It's no secret that I like to learn things. So, I was super excited that lecture course materials are offered for free through the MIT Open Course ware system! I am specifically interested in the classes offered in Architecture for obvious reasons. Just like a traditional class, the syllabus, reading material, and lecture notes are available. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) provides downloadable course material, as well! This is perfect for the self-disciplined student, the professional that wants to "bone-up" on a topic, or the high scool student deciding on the college career! I will be working through the Daylighting graduate course in the coming month since I feel like lighting was not covered enough in my undergraduate and graduate programs.

If MIT doesn't have what you want to learn about, try finding other schools in the Open Education Consortium where you will find school all over the world participating. These classes do not offer school credit, degrees, or even grades. They do offer the opportunity to learn and grow in your knowledge base.

Illustration of a gene undergoing gene therapy.
Gene therapy using an adenovirus vector. Image courtesy of the
U.S. National Library of Medicine. From Principles of Human Disease 
at MIT Open Courseware 
From Principles of Human Disease in the Health and Medicine to....

Photo showing a crowded area with laundry hanging throughout.
Image of a slum area in Mumbai, India. (Photo by Dimrill on Flickr.) 
 Legal Aspects of Property and Land Use in the Business program to...

A rendering of a rich purple brocade jacket with white fur trim, and the finished garment on the actress.
Costume design uses the texture, color, style, and other properties of clothing to express aspects of the character's personality and lifestyle. (Courtesy Leslie Held. Used with permission.)
Beginning Costume Design from Music and Theater programs, you can learn a skill, improve your knowledge, grow your brain, or just decide what you want to be when you grow up!

Let's make up our own Summer School!

All images are from the MIT open course ware website and are in no way my own.

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