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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Green design- in common practice

I have been thinking a lot about green design today and how most people already practice the tenets of green living, even if we do not live it to the letter. And, probably do not see themselves as "environmentally-friendly" people. We call it other things like saving money, saving time, being crafty, shopping or helping local artists. Like many things, it all depends on the way you frame it.

We used all of the furniture and accessories from the top picture (before) and rearranged them to create the bottom picture (after). We added the small tables and lamps framing the fireplace, as well as the throw pillows.  #family room redesign #homedecor
More info about this image here.
If you choose to rearrange your furniture instead of throwing everything out and buying all new furniture, you are working in the tenets of green design. Same goes for painting furniture instead of tossing it!

My antique space at Hanna Antiques in Birmingham
If you are shopping for accessories in an antique mall, or to some extend TJ Maxx or Homegoods. You are buying recycled and saving items from the trash, that are not trash.

If you are choosing a paint that doesn't smell, then you are choosing low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints and helping the environment, as well as the respiratory health of your family.

Beautiful pottery from my friend, Tena Payne, found here.
If you buy ceramics or pottery from a local artist, or art gallery that represents locals, then you are buying regionally which is very green especially since many potters are able to get they clay locally.

Greener than you thought?  It is not just about sorting your trash for the recyclers or buying smelly sofas from the thrift store. Respecting the environment is not an all or nothing proposition, thankfully. It is steps toward a healthier world around you on a continuum.

This is the first post in a series of posts on green design and living. Next up is all about water! Please follow my blog for more info, or search green design in my search box on the right to see most ideas and ways to easily practice greener living.

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