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Friday, April 25, 2014

Early weekend scores- a few housewares and furniture

I love starting my weekend shopping early. Today, I hit many a spot, shopping for everything from vintage rugs and small cabinets for a TV to deals for my antique shop and online vintage store.
are then not cute! They are new old stock lidded onion soup bowls.
I'd love to see some swiss cheese dripping down the edge!
I found a set of 5 of these! Can't want to clean them up and list them on Etsy!

This would be pretty fantastic for A/V components and a flat screen!

Danish Modern, you are my friend! This is a table that I am pretty sure came from a bank. It is standing desk height with slots on each side for the deposit slips! If there was such a thing as a stand-up conference table, this would be pretty cool! It could also work for a table to show blueprints.

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