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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Well-made Wednesday- beauty edition

Like many women, I like beauty products and potions. Recently, I became overly frustrated with the volume of loose powders I had and the lack of great containers. I like the design of the L'Oreal loose powder with the brush top. I do not like the powder that is suppose to "shake" through the bristles or the containers with a puff that I can easily spill. I am also too cheap to just throw them out because they are poorly designed for my needs. So, my weekend "project" was to combine all my powders and put them in the "good" containers.

Popping and prying the lids off was the hardest part!
Everyone into the bowl!
Interestingly, the darkest color was actually the "concealer" powder.
Stir with a whisk to blend!

I refill the containers and had a bit left over to store in the cute polka dots container from Clinique.
Now that I have these mixed and in usable containers, I will use these up faster! I would only recommend doing this with new powders, or powders that only you have used. Otherwise it is rather un-hygienic.

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