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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Tag, I'm it! The best of the tag sales this weekend.

Tag sale, estate sales, etc. They are the best for shopping for special pieces. This weekend's sales netted a great find. And though I will be bringing it to Hanna Antiques this week, a part of me want to re-upholster it into something fun and keep it for myself!
So, I am super excited about this vintage to antique settee below. I would love to see it at the end of a bed for putting on shoes, in a wide hallway for a great reading area, or in a limited space home. The exposed wood provides a smaller profile to fit into smaller spaces. And, it is comfortable. Oh, if only I have a client right now that needed this item!

Note how much space is left in the Prius!

Love to think that I can easily fit a settee into the car. Prius' are the best!

Pretty carved leg, that is lightly bunged- easy fix.

Check out the pretty and simple upholstery! I think it is the second upholstery job on the piece.
Original tied springs and burlap webbing underneath the dust cloth on the bottom.

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