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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Picks of the weekend...

Sometimes, you know it when you see it. You just know that it is special, that people will love it. There is a British TV show called Lovejoy, about an antique dealer and the mysteries or sometimes murders that happen around him- a Murder She Wrote, but British and antiques, not books. Lovejoy is the main characters name. And he is a "divy" or someone who can tell, by sight, that what they are seeing is "the real deal" or special or valuable. I like to think I am a divy. But, I think it is more that I study the market that I am selling in to know what is going and what's not. It's more trend spotting.

A few weeks ago I found these flocked reindeer. Part of me said, "plastic reindeer?" and the other part said, "magically kitchy" so I bought them and they sold in 12 hours.
Yesterday, I bought a set of glass Christmas trees and they sold in 12 hours. 

Fortunately, I could get more from the second day of the estate sale. Including the 12 inch tree below.

Along with a lovely Nippon tea set, 

a Limoges tray- both in a violet pattern and a collection of pretty demitasse cups and saucers in pink.

Happy Prissy Christmas! And forgive the quick photo-editing!

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