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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Then it dawned on me...

My mom has always said that her best thinking, maybe problem solving is a better term, time came just as she was waking up. Perhaps that is part of the origin on the phrase "dawning on me" from great thoughts occurring at dawn.
My dawn is more like daylight, I'm a late sleeper, because I tend to work late into the night. So, I wish my down looked more like the image to the right... maybe if it did, I'd not work so late and get up earlier!

Today was one of those dawning on me mornings. I know I was thinking, read solving, some problem as I was floating to consciousness and my dog was burrowing for a warmer spot on the bed. Then that thought morphed to a visual display problem I am having in my shop... or will have once the merch comes in. Then it dawned on me! I have an old barrister's "stacking bookcase" in the garage from my grandmother that was waiting for a refinish... but for display I just need a bit of interior paint because I need this display to look old. And, this really is old.

(please know this pic to the left it not actually the bookcase but a pic I found on the web... I really cannot get a decent pic from it's current location. But it looks like this one.)

Now my visual display musings do no compete with James Watson who dreamed of intertwining snakes and realized that it was the solution to what  DNA looks like as a double helix... but I wonder if that thought occurred to him not as a dream in the night but as part of the near walking dawn.

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