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Thursday, September 12, 2013

small arrangements- flowers for today's photoshoot

Today was a l-o-n-g work day on a photo shoot!  From loading up furniture at 7:15 in the AM to leaving the lake at 7:00PM and arriving back home around 9:00 PM. As glamour as photo shoots sound- fluffing pillows and making things pretty. It is also hauling furniture into the house, climbing on bunk beds to arrange pillows, stretching beyond you comfort level on a ladder to hang something quite high in a stairwell and climbing stairs over and over again. Not to mention, endlessly nit-picking a space through the lens of the images to check for everything from stray threads to how open an open door should so as to read as a door and welcoming, but not look unintentionally left open, or so open you do not realize it is a door.

It is mentally and physically challenging. Thankfully, I was with great folks!

Here are some of the small flowers arrangements I did for the shoot.
Easy arrangement of hypericum, spider mums, and hydrangea in a stemless wine glass. The key to the arrangement in to use a little floral tape to give the flowers some structure.

Detail of the hypericum and mums.               
Simple arrangement of white lilies in a small necked vase with some greens for the yard. The key to these arrangements are something my sister taught me long ago about flowers... 
you cannot be afraid to cut the stem!

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