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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Outdoor art show season- top 5 things I learned!

It is the fall outdoor art show season again and I am prepping to see and to show. I spent last fall attending shows and learning. I feel like I learned many things last season to bring into this season. I thought I would share

My top 5 things I learned about selling your art at outdoor shows.

1. Make payments easy!

          Bring $100 in cash in small bills. Take credit cards via square or Paypal, I bring both devices for my phone in case one of the systems is down... and get the pen to use with your phone or ipad.
Paypal credit card reader fits in your phone/ipad and records payments in your paypal account.

2. Technology is important- bring a charger!

         Let's hope you have so many sales that you run down your battery on your phone. So, plan ahead and bring a charger.  Also, wear a watch to prevent your self from turning on your phone to check the time.

I would suggest a solar charger- instant gratification and no batteries to remember to charge.

3. Good tents make good set-up.

       Buy a good tent, make sure it is one you can put up easily. Buy it in white, most shows don't specify, but you are in trouble if you cheap out with a blue tent and you have to rent a white one for the show.

I use the Undercover 10'x10' Commercial Popup Canopy with Carry Bag and walls. The carry bag even has wheels!

4. Bring a buddy.

      At least for one day of the show. They can help you set up, break down, or at least give you a break to see the show. And though it is a great show that has great booth sitters, a booth sitter doesn't care as much for your success as a friend or family member.

Come see the Moss Rock Festival... I'll be there!

5. Roll like Santa- make a list and check it twice!

     You need a list with everything you need to bring, remember to do, and pack in the car. Start you list about a week before the event and put the list somewhere that it is easy to make notes on it. Otherwise you will forget your water, cash, to charge the phone/ipad, etc.

Hopefully your list will be shorter.

Bonus tip:

You can only sell as much as you bring to sell. If you only bring $1000 worth of merchandise, then you can't sell any more than $1000. Don't limit yourself. Bring more than you ever think you can sell, you might surprise you.

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