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Thursday, April 25, 2013

cell phone cases make statements

I have a love hate relationship with my cell phone... this week it's all hate, actually. I am that person that switches phones about every 5 years, so when I stumbled on to this lemon, my thoughts strayed to a new phone... as well as moving back to my old carrier. Unfortunately, I've got another 9 months on this contract.

So for now, I will dream of the day I can have a new phone and enjoy window shopping for cell phone cases. Here are some of my finds.

Custom Cell Phone Case- Brass Knuckles
Tough guy, huh. Bling-y brass knuckles cover. Possibly more comfortable that I think!

Striped Maple Natural Wood iPhone 5 Cell Phone Case
I love wood cell phone cases! Especially when you can opt for exotic woods.
Htc One S Doctor Who, doctor who htc one s, doctor who htc phone case, Htc One s Case, htc one s cover, htc one s phone case cover tardis
Tell the world you're a Whovian... well only to other Whovian to everyone else you will look like a Anglophile with this Dr. Who Tardis cell phone cover.
iPhone 4/ 4s and 5 Case - Vintage Damask - Retro Cell Phone Cover - iPhone Hard Case- Old Damask Floral Lace Pretty
Mmmm, damask! Pretty, pretty cover!

Iphone 4 case, Beautiful peacock collage, Iphone 4s cover, Iphone 5 case (9596)
This cell phone case reminds me of scrap book paper! And is it interchangable!

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