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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It is fern-tastic! Great fern themed accents

In a conversation with Mom the other day, she mentioned that one of the reaasons she purchased her previous house was the fern wall paper in the master bath. It was really nice paper. Very clean in white and bright green!
In honor of Mom's fave wall paper, I have collected some great finds with a fern theme.

Happy Shopping!
NEW Home Decor Pillow Cover Etched into Nature No.1
pretty fern pillow from Etsy

Fern wall paper from Sanderson

Pressed fern print, 11x14 double matted, fern study with roots, fiddlehead ferns botanical, wall decor no. 0070
fern botanical, pressed fern from etsy

Fern Resin Ring. Pressed Flower Resin Ring.  Green Cocktail Ring.  Handmade Jewelry with Real Flowers - Green Fern
fern ring- fern leaf in resin

Wall Decal Fern Nature Botanical Organic Leaves Plant Foliage
large fern wall decal

Tea Towel Botanical Print FERN on SILVER linen blend
fern printed tea towel in grey and silver

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