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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Work in progress - the downtown condo

One of my current projects is a downtown condo. We are turning it into a jewel box of a contemporary boho space. The new sofa came today and looks great with the turquoise FLOR flooring, lighting, contemporary coffee table and the clients artwork.

The white sofa was necessary to support the heavily patterned carpet, bold artwork and the soon to be re-upholstered stools. The stools will each be a different fabric in pink, orange or pink and orange. A wonderfully bold color palette on a backdrop of contemporary white!

Additionally we are creating an ethnic patterned chalkboard wall in fuchsia and orange!!!! I am so excited about the wall. And, rare would you find the designer who spackles your wall while waiting for the sofa to arrive. I am a full service designer after all!

I felt very Kitty Barthomolew, whom I have always admired, while I was spackling and maintaining my manicure at the same time! She was one of the last Home Design-type show hosts who really knew what they were doing. Hopefully they will continue the path a technically savvy designer on TV.

Below are shots of my top fabric pics in situ and the fabrics choosen for the project. As always, if you are interested in design services or any of these fabrics, please let me know!

Fabrics selected for the project.

 Fabrics in situ as stools stored under the coffee table.

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