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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Velvet Ikat - the new love in my life

I have a new love, velvet ikat. As if ikat could not get any better, now it is uber touchable! Best of all they are handmade, which supposed my HOLA (Handmade, organic, local, or artisan) initiative.

Here are some great Etsy finds for Velvet Ikat Lumbar Pillows!

Handmade Silk Velvet Ikat Pillow cover 14 x 20 , Black , Beige Free Shipment Delivered within 2-4 Days by UPS, DHL

Black and palest taupe 14"x20" pillow

Decorative pillow cover - throw pillow - Velvet Ikat Pillow - hand woven pillow lp13
Hot pink and beige 16" x 22" pillow

Sukan / Silk Velvet Ikat Pillow Cover, Lumbar Pillow - Decorative Ikat Throw Pillow Cover - Decorative Pillows - Beige, Gold Mustard
Mustard yellow and cream, Chevron, 16"x 24" lumbar pillow

Decorative Turkish Ikat Throw Pillow Cover by DivanCushu : Handwoven VELVET IKAT Pillow, 16x24inch, Velvet Ikat Pillow, Dark Red, Beige

Red and cream Stylize cross, 16" x 24" lumbar pillow

Decorative pillow cover - Mini Lumbar - 8x16 - Ikat - Creamy ivory - Dark brown - Velvet - Ikat pillow
Brown and cream, ironwork style, 8" x 16" mini lumbar pillow

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