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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My love affair with FLOR

I have loved FLOR carpet tiles for many years.... too many to tell. So, when new client wanted a contemporary loft space, my thoughts lead to FLOR. And, I pulled out my box of FLOR tiles, like a favorite set of crayons. Many of my samples are out-of-print, but I love them just the same.

Why do I have them so? Versatility, variety of patterns and textures, eco-consciousness, mass appeal ( from carpets that look solid to wild patterns) and the willingness to innovate. Below is my foyer carpet for the day, as I laid out all of my samples mixed  with a long term project of collecting black and white tiles for a truly mixed up black and white rug. Which might be the real reason I love FLOR, I can lay it down, pick it up, change my mind, add in another color, add stripes of samples... in other words, it is the ultimate quick change artist!

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