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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Leopard Love- Leopard rugs

I do love leopard, but one needs to be careful with leopard as it can loose the classic look quickly! However, today I was at Don's Carpet One and found not one, but two different leopard carpets. i am wondering if I have spotted a trend in patterned carpeting!
Dense, high quality, small print, leopard. Now, wall to wall plush leopard might not be for everyone, but you could have it bound for an area rug or a runner. Here's a few examples of some great leopard wall to wall carpets! Some wool, some blends.

Animal Print Carpets Gallery: Leopard Print Carpet, 100% Wool
wool carpeting from Laundt and Arcari
Great wall to wall from Hemhill Carpeting

Lake Jaguar Animal Print Carpet by Stanton
Leopard can be subtle as this rug

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