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Sunday, April 15, 2012

In the words of the Beastie Boys, "Kick It!"

Some people need furniture that can... um... really take a beating. You know who you are, those with constant stubbed toes and mystery stains on the sofa. So, to celebrate those who speak the language of tough love, here's the perfect furniture for you!

The Do Hit Chair from Droog. It starts with a metal cube and a sledge hammer and ends with a comfortable chair. You can beat it into submission yourself or have the designer do it for you.
Lucca Console
The nice this about distressed furniture is that is already looks worn. What ever abuse you provide can be called "character" This is a nice little piece from Ballard Designs that can be used as a small side board, media console, or as storage in the entry hall. It comes in many colors to suit any decor! The Lucca console from Ballard Designs.
This recycled tire basket bring kicking the tires a whole new meaning! Great for storage, great for the environment! Best of all it is current on sale at uncommon goods for under $15!
The future is here! Self cleaning fabrics that breakdown organic compounds like pesticides and kill bacteria when exposed to light. Other new fabrics are based on biomimicry and can self clean in the same way the bird feathers do. The future is cleaner homes faster than you can say "Scourgify!"

Stainless Steel Kik Step
The ubiquitous kick stool, common to every library is the country! It rolls, but never tips! It is a stool and a seat. Best of all it come is stainless steel! Perfect for reaching items in the top of the cabinets and for sitting down to read a cookbook!
This beauty comes from, a real library supply website.

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