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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Adding bathroom sparkle

Adding sparkle to the bathroom can be as easy as an extra special scrub and polish or it could be new lighting fixtures. Cleaning is the least expensive way, however I have compiled below some great image ideas for adding sparkle to your bathroom that doesn't require rubber gloves.

Nice fix for a large plate mirror is to add a mirror on top of the plate mirror.
It provides a focal point and a dose of sparkle.

Moen Adjustable Double Curved Chrome Shower Rod
Sparkle doesn't have to be in the amount of crystals, it can also be in function.
This double rod from Moan can serve as a towel bar, robe hanger and in a pinch, a clothesline!
A sparkly knob or pull can take a cabinet and move it into furniture.
This knob looks a bit lalique-ish and only cost about $15.00!

From House Beautiful- silver napkin rings a shine, sparkle and and a bit of drama to the guest towel

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