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Monday, June 14, 2010

Half Sour Pickles

Update to the recipe below:
After trying the pickles the second I thought they were too salty for me, so I made a new salt water brine for their stay in the frig. This brine was one and a half cups water to 2 tablespoons salt. After 24 hours the pickles were less salty. If you like salty pickles... don't deviate from the recipe.

I thought I would post my half sour pickle recipe along with photos. I am trying to make the pickles at Ted's Montana Grill. So far they smell right and they have only been pickling for about 20 hours. They are in an air conditioned room, but it is one of the warmest in the house.
~~~~~Please know that the tablecloth they are sitting on is my "wet craft" plastic tablecloth, I do not claim any high style on it. I use it when I am nuno felting to protect my dining room table.~~~~~

3 cups water
1/4 cup kosher salt
1 heaping tablespoon Penzy's pickling spice
3 garlic cloves thinly sliced
8-ish pickling cukes (from Pepper Place farmer's market, of course)

dissolve salt in water.
place cukes, garlic and pickling spices in a clean container in that order
pour saltwater in container
weight down the cukes (any about the water will rot)
and wait for a few days for half sour, longer for sour.
Put then in the frig when they are as sour as you like.

Repeat next week when you go to the farmer's market! Support you local farmer's market.

The pic to the right is the pickling in action. I thought you would like to see the layer process. There is a saucer under the glass bowl with the pickles and a glass bowling weight down the top. I like using glass for cleanliness.

The pic to the left is a view of the bowl from the side. Notice the bubbles are starting to form. So, the fermentation has begun! 

The pic to the right is an overhead shot of the pickles thru the bowl weighting them down. I noticed that there was air bubbles trapped under the bowl when I started. So, I shook the bowl it release the trapped air. Air is not pickle's friend.

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