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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why I like Cultivating Life on Public TV

Last night I caught the episode entitled Rain on Cultivating Life and I thought about how much I like that show. I often think about projects from the show long after the episode is over. And, the projects are really accessible. Last night's project was a rain chain and I think I have everything at home to make it. It was attractive, do-able, and you could think of variation on the theme that you could design.
You can see yourself taking on a project here, a dinner there and planting a plant from one week's episode and next thing you know, you are becoming greener, healthier and more confident. I think being green is about confidence. When you find that you are more sustainable, and can make, grow or built what you need for yourself, you gain a confidence that can't be taken away. You are taking the power of, say, nourishment, away from others and giving it to yourself. It's like buying a garment that doesn't fit quite right and altering it to fit you. You are then in control of what you look like, not the tailor for the fit model or the designer that designed it for a imaginary model.

Empower yourself today!

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