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Friday, October 23, 2009

Sarah Susanka's house

"Bigger isn't better, Taller isn't braver, Stronger isn't always wise," a few thoughts from the musical Barnum. Though these lyrics refer to Tom Thumb from Barnum's circus acts, they can also pertain to design. In Sarah Susanka's Not so Big House series of books, she elaborates on how a home can be smaller and well designer where the owner doesn't need the size and space that the trappings of ego often influence in home decisions. With lowered ceiling in hallways, focal points, and datums, smaller spaces live large. Living smaller has another advantage of costs. Everything, including design is a balancing act, especially in budget. Living in smaller spaces allow one to spend more per square foot, if desired, or allows one to choose a few precious items to feature in the space, be it art, or a fabulous sink and faucet.
I just saw Sarah on an episode of This Old House, one of my favorite series from childhood. I was amazed that these guys could take a house down to the studs and bring it back different and better than before. I wanted to be able to do that to. I think that's why I care more about the making of a project, the design, how it works than seeing the end products. I do love the process. Of course, it is very important that the process produces your intent, or better, but the journey to the end can be a very rich dessert.

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