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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Laurl's rule of thee-color theory

So often, you find something you think is beautiful, "perfect", or speaks to you and you want to buy it, but the color is so close to what is in the room, you are not sure if you are buying the exact color or something exactly awful. Many times this is a learned mistake. But all is not lost, when you employee Laurl's rule of three-color theory.
When you have two shades of green, let's say, in a room, you will often have a color issue. However, when you add the third shade of the color, it all seems to work. Color theory can, and should, go much deeper than this. But, for solving your color problem and making the purchase you loved in a store not go sour at home, it can be as easy as adding more, instead of subtracting!

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